■Creation and Technology
The sales team comprises engineers, all of whom have gained expertise in the technologies concerned. They are transmitters of information about the company’s technologies. In accordance with the user’s production particuiars, they give accurate advice about various thechnologies, starting with the selection of machines. They are also the antennas for directly receiving and reaying information about the users’ needs.
Technology Developmment
The uniformly excellent team of designers demonstrate their wealth of technical knowhow and flexible creative capacity in solving the problems assigned to them to make the machines high-speed, functional, laborsaving, safe, durable and economical, Grasping hte information, ideas and images form the technical perspecive, they then transform these into tangible drawings.
Parts Management
For the management of the vast variety of parts, an automatic rack system using computers is employed to ensure speedy supply.
The manufacturing department is the heart of the company. It is fully equipped with the newest and the most powerful mechatronic machine group, including NC machine tools, such as the NC five-sided processor, NC lathes, NC borers, and a machining center. It provides a continuous production system from the steel products processing through to components processing and assembly, to the finished product. In each manufacturing process, our company’s policy of not skimping even on the parts which are not visible, and our dedication to quality improvement is very much in evidence.
Not overlooking the slightest error, the eyes of professionals rigorously check every single item for inspection. Test runs are carried out repeatedly to confirm functioning, speed, safety and operability of the finished product in the constant pursuit of perfection.
Maintenance Service
To ensure the direct feedback of customers’ comments to the manufacturing department, the manufacturing department has been integrated with the service department. Furthermore, our comprehensive service staffing system ensures a quick and flexible response to customers’ needs.
Overseas Sales Network
IIJIMA is a global brand proving itself to be a high quality machine. it’s overseas sales nerwork covers the major countries all over the world, including the U.S., Europe, China, Australia, and Southeast Asia. It responds to the needs of users throughout the world.
Net Work
United Kingdom、Germany、Holland、Italy、Russia、Egypt、U.A.E.、Sauth Africa、India、Sri Lanka、Singapore、Indonesia、Philippine、China、Korea、Australia、USA、Canada、 Mexico、Venezuela、Brazil、Argentina、Taiwan、New Zealand、Thailand、Syria