Automatic Hot Foil Stamping and Die-Cutter

MJ-1040E.S Accurate Register and Extramely Safe

Equipped for fully automatic cutting and creasing(embossing)including stripping of internal waste and the aside and rear sheet edges,with pilling of the processed sheets. It takes just 30 min. to change form die cutting to hot foil stamping


  • Highly productive at 7500 sheets.per hour.(cutting)
  • 7500 sheets per hour.(stamping)
  • Accurate register.
  • Extramely safe.
  • Shorter make ready time.
  • Excellent cutting pressure of300 tons.
  • Superb durability.

    Foil Feed System
    ■3 controlled pull rollers
    ■2 reel shafts.for foil rolls up to 200 mm diameter
    ■CNC device and console
    ■Unit frame can be drawn out to the drive side
    Heating System
    ■8 controlled heat zone(50゜C~180゜C)
    ■heating upper bolster with cartridge heaters
    ■1 haneycomb chase
    haneycomb chase
    Brush Foil Brush Removal Unit
    ■4 brushes carrying out waste leaf from the delivery frame
    Pressure Releasing Device
    ■Stamping pressure will be released automatically if sheet is not in cutting
    Air Blast Device
    ■Releasing foil from sheet after stamping
    Foil Break Detection System
    ■6 sensors equipped with on/off option

    MJ-1040E.S Brochure Download(2.0MB)

    Maximum sheet size ・・・28.7″×40.9″
    Minimum sheet size ・・・13.0″×15.7″
    Maximum cutting area ・・・28.3″×40.0″
    Inside chase ・・・29.5″×42.9″
    Max speed for cutting ・・・7,500i.p.h
    Max speed for stamping ・・・7,500i.p.h
    Highest pressure ・・・330 UStons
    Heating bolster(with calendar timer) ・・・50~180℃
    Controlled pull rollers for foil feeding ・・・3 pcs
    Reel shafts ・・・2 pcs
    Foil brush removal unit ・・・1 set
    Max.diameter of foil reel ・・・8in φ
    Total power comsumption ・・・68kW
    Maximum length of machine ・・・18’5″
    Maximum width of machine ・・・13’4″
    Maximum height of machine ・・・6’11″
    Weight of machine ・・・16.5UStons